Medium Ronald Reeder

Ronald Reeder 

Over the years, Ron's popularity has

gone global holding events in Gettysburg, NewYork, Arizona, Miami, Florida, Wisconsin, A&E / Bio Channel Tv. and of course his call-in radio show on Clear Source Radio and I-Heart Radio.

People have attended his events from across the U.S. just to hear him speak with their Loved Ones whom have passed.

Ronald's Quote is '' They Are Truly One Breath Away "


The Salt Escape 
Batavia IL. 
Radiant Life 
Holistic Wellness Center
Naperville IL. 
March 24th 2019 

Private Event 

   Manhattan IL.

     June  2019 

Center Stage 
Naperville IL.

   Private Event 

     Westmont IL. 

       August 26 th 2019 

Event Video