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About Ronald Reeder


Ronald D. Reeder (Ron) was born in June 1959 in Chicago, Illinois. Ron was an only son in a family with four sisters. Being the only male sibling, Ron elected to entertain himself, rather than to engage in the girlish pastimes of his sisters, and spent a great deal of his time alone with his thoughts. Reading and studying became his main entertainment, and he took great comfort in being by himself, meditating, and contemplating the things he read and learned, and things the Spirit World shared with him.

At the age of 12, Ron had his very first experience with “The Dead.” His mother had given him some money and sent him to a farmer’s roadside produce stand on a very busy highway near their neighborhood to bring home some vegetables. Ron was walking along a sidewalk that was separated from the busy highway by a high row of thick hedges and shrubbery. Ron was startled by sounds coming from the highway on the other side of the hedge of squealing brakes and tires and a thud sound of something being hit by a car.

Ron pushed some of the shrubbery apart so he could peek through to see what had happened. To his shocking amazement, Ron saw a young girl, who looked to be near his own age or a little younger, lying flat and lifeless on the pavement. It was obvious to Ron that she was dead, because no one could have survived an impact of the force that the loud sound indicated. Yet, as Ron looked at the unfortunate girl’s lifeless face, her eyes opened widely, staring and focused intently on his own eyes, he immediately heard her thoughts as her inaudible voice cried out to him. This frightened Ron so much, that he immediately pulled back from the hedge, and raced home where he told his mother what had happened.

In the days and weeks that followed the accident, the dead girl continued to communicate with Ron in his thoughts and dreams, telling him the details of her accident, her fear, and her feelings. As it turned out, the dead girl’s sister was in one of Ron’s classes at school. Ron never shared the details with
the living sister of what the dead girl had told him, but from that moment on, Ron had acquired new knowledge and skills and a new sense of feelings that he had never had before. From that day on, Ron knew from experience that there are people who want to communicate with us after they have drawn their last breath.

In early 1990, Ron began using a computer and operating an online chat room. He began describing in great detail the actual locations of fellow chat room participants such as the contents of the rooms they were in such as furniture, wall art, etc. Soon, his awareness began to extend beyond those things to the point where Ron began to hear messages, or connections as Ron called them, and he began connecting some of the people in the chat room with their friends and loved ones in Spirit who had passed on. Knowledge of Ron’s ability began to spread, and in early 2000, he joined an early Saturday morning psychic radio network as co-host on Tan Talk Radio AM in Florida.


Over the years, Ron's popularity has gone global with his audiences and fans, people have attended his events from across the U.S. just to hear him speak with their Loved One whom has crossed over.



 Below, is a list of some of Ron’s Personal Appearance and Events 

 * Haunted Shanley Hotel; Napanoch, NY 2010 

 * Fox River B&B 2010 and 2012

 * Shea DY Pines B&B Wisconsin 
 * CBS Radio Interview 2012
 * Bio Channel. My Ghost Story 2012 Season Opener
 * PKC ..Charity Cancer Event 2012
 * Homestead FL. Event and Taping 2013
 * Oswego Private Dinner And Event 2014
 * Huffington Post Headliner Article 

 * Brooksville Florida Event 2015 

 * Owner And Creator " ClearSourceRadio.Com 2016

 * Oswego IL. Private Events 2018

 * The Salt Escape  Batavia IL. 2018 
 * Other Personal Appearances occurred in New York, Arizona, Florida, L.A. and Illinois

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