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   S. Johnson ..
  In the last few years I have been fortunate to have had 3 readings with Ronald. Each reading he brought through my deceased loved ones with messages no one could have known.  My second reading I had an Audio, non visual reading, my deceased husband came through with messages only I would know. 20 minutes into the reading Ronald said your husband is showing me his wedding band and I said OH!, 
Then Ronald said hes showing it to me on a woman's hand, again I said OH! Remember this was a non visual reading.  At the end of the reading I told Ronald I had put my husbands wedding band on my thumb 10 minutes before he called me. Utterly Amazing!!!!
Annette Baker
Ronald..Where can I even began to say to you ? You gave me the most incredible reading of my fact you saved my life. i was at the point of ending it all just to end the pain. And then i talked to a dear friend who payed it forward and said "Annette, I'm gonna send you someone who can help you". Well let me tell you I've talked to about 5 maybe 6 high profile psychics...not on F.B. and I'm talking high dollar, waiting weeks, months. And every time my heart was broken...they would tell me my son...who by the way died by suicide at 12 years old... if you can imagine my pain was either re-incarnated or he just would not come through. I was always left say the least. This man..Ronald Reeder called me one night and my son immediately came through to him. And Ronald began to tell me thinks that only Christian ( my son ) would know! I was very skeptical at first...but he totally blew me away! And yes we did friend each other on F.B. But let me clarify ...these things we discussed were absolutely NOT on FaceBook,I am not being mean.. but for you skeptics out there...He is the real deal. Or I would not be putting my name up here. And for those of you that have lost a love on due to them taking their own life.PLEASE UNDERSTAND ? Your message from your loved one is coming through loud and clear to Mr. Reeder...THEY WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY AND NOT CONTINUE TO ASK WHY? I was one of these people...I do not ask any more...why? Because I see the big on and be, enjoy the rest of your life...and know they are happy and you will see them again one day! And know this for sure...they are Truly One Breath Away! God bless you .

Pam B.


A few years ago I had my first encounter with Ronald Reeder. I was in a very bad place emotionally due to carrying a heaviness in my heart from losing my Father in 1991 due to an incurable form of Cancer. I didn’t get to say goodbye to him because he was in a coma.

I decided to call in to his radio show to see if he really could connect with my Father. What happened next was when Ronald said my father heard me when I was talking to him and he repeated word for word what I said to my Father. There was no way that Ronald could have known the specifics without connecting with my Father. My Father also mentioned things to Ronald that there was no way he could have known without my Father telling him because these things happened in my childhood. I want to thank you Ronald for giving me the peace that I needed so that I could come out of my emotional darkness.


Pam B.

I contacted Ronald a second time on November 9th 2018 because my Mother had just passed that morning and was in a coma.She suffered from Alzheimer’s. Again I was an emotional mess as I whispered things in her ear while I was crying. I was so Blessed that she came through and told Ronald to relay certain things to me that he could not have known not only what I said but also in regards to turmoil between my siblings that is still going on. Again, Ronald I want to thank you again for helping me through the death of my mother by connecting with her.

You truly have been blessed by the hand of God and it is a blessing that I am grateful that you share with everyone you talk too. Don’t ever stop what you are doing because you are touching so many lives and giving them peace.


God Bless You, Ronald


© 2018 Medium Ronald Reeder

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